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Simple, Fast Text Blast Service! Join the people that use KosherMedia everyday as their go-to text blasting service.
It’s time to get your business out of its economic slump by finding new ways to reach your customer base using Kosher Media’s Text Blast Service. Don’t your messages deserve instantaneous delivery, attention, and immediate response in this day and age of electronic distractions? Save time, agony, and money by learning to use a single and easy integrated service that can do it ALL.
This generation of tech-savvy consumers wants close relationships with organizations that utilize the latest in multi-channel communications. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social Networks, Blogs – Kosher Media goes far beyond traditional email and mobile marketing with its technology that empowers you with the latest in communications, online publishing, and social media
You see mobile keyword technology all over TV and hear it on the radio everyday. You see it advertised in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all over billboards. There’s a reason why large corporations utilize mobile marketing – it WORKS! We can send important text alerts, news, and promotions, resulting in huge and immediate response rates that you can’t experience with email marketing alone.
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