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Privacy Policy

Purpose of the Policy


Koshermedia Inc. values the privacy of its users and sends various electronic communications related to its commercial, mission-based, and exempt activities, including fundraising. While non-commercial and exempt emails are not subject to specific anti-spam regulations, Koshermedia Inc. ensures consistency in administering all emails, including commercial, non-commercial, and exempt messages. This consistent approach aligns with our commitment to privacy and regulatory compliance.

Koshermedia Inc. maintains strict policies against the misuse of its network or services for the transmission, distribution, or delivery of unsolicited bulk or commercial emails, in line with applicable privacy laws.


Compliance with Privacy Laws


Compliance with privacy laws entails:


  • Obtaining expressed or implied consent from recipients before sending messages.

  • Providing clear and simple identification of the sender(s).

  • Offering recipients a means to unsubscribe from receiving future messages.




The Privacy Officer holds overall responsibility for Koshermedia Inc.'s privacy policies and compliance with privacy legislation.




Implied consent remains valid for two years from the date of the last transaction generating the consent, such as a purchase or membership renewal. Express consent allows Koshermedia Inc. to email the recipient until they unsubscribe. Whenever possible, express consent will be obtained at the initial point of contact to facilitate communication beyond the two-year period.


Exemptions from Consent Requirements


Privacy laws provide exemptions for certain types of communications:


  • Business-to-business (B2B) communications within or between organizations with an existing relationship.

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) communications related to specific types of interactions management.


Consent is not required for:


Quotes or estimates

  • Messages facilitating or confirming transactions

  • Messages providing warranty, recall, safety, or security information

  • Messages providing information about ongoing use or purchases, subscriptions, memberships, employment relationships, or delivering products or services, including updates and upgrades.

  • Sending Mass Emails


Information Requirements


All electronic messages must meet specific information requirements, including:


  • Identification of the organization and represented parties, including business name, postal address,

  • and contact information.

  • A clear and accessible unsubscribe mechanism that respects recipients' preferences.

  • Ensuring accuracy and validity of information for at least 60 days after sending the message.

  • Koshermedia Inc. utilizes various email management programs, necessitating program-specific management of unsubscribe requests. Recipients can unsubscribe from specific programs by using the provided unsubscribe feature. To unsubscribe from all emails, recipients can contact the Privacy Officer.


Forward to a Friend Promotions


Promotions encouraging message forwarding are permissible, provided they comply with privacy laws and do not induce non-compliance.


Unsubscribe Requirements


Privacy laws mandate specific unsubscribe requirements:


  • All electronic messages must include a statement allowing recipients to unsubscribe.

  • An unsubscribe mechanism or link to a website for unsubscribing must be included.

  • The unsubscribe process must be readily accessible and free of charge.

  • Unsubscribe information must remain accurate and valid for at least 60 days after sending.

  • Unsubscribe requests must be processed within ten (10) business days from receipt.

Fundraising Messages


As a Registered Charity, Koshermedia Inc. is exempt from certain privacy requirements when sending fundraising messages. However, Koshermedia Inc. respects recipients' preferences and refrains from sending fundraising emails to individuals who have actively unsubscribed from specific programs.


Spam Filtering


Koshermedia Inc. employs automatic scanning of outgoing and incoming emails to reduce the risk of sending or receiving spam and viruses. Outgoing emails are also routed through third-party services, which manage filtering.


Receipt of Unwanted Messages


In the event of unwanted or non-compliant messages sent by Koshermedia Inc., recipients can report incidents to the Privacy Officer. Investigations will be promptly conducted, and necessary actions taken to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


Disclosure of Personal Information:


We do not sell, trade, or rent personal information to third parties. Personal information may be disclosed to service providers, affiliates, or other trusted third parties only as necessary to provide requested services and as required by law.



For inquiries regarding privacy compliance, please contact:

Privacy Officer

Koshermedia Inc.

1724 East 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11229


Phone: 212-564-4309

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